Sharma MacDonald and the Boss Life!

Sharma MacDonald shares in her latest blog post the importance and gratefulness of being featured in Empowering Boss Life Magazine. Check it out her blog here:

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Sharma MacDonald in New York City!

Sharma MacDonald spends the New Year in New York City! Check out all of the action on her latest blog post here!

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Sharma MacDonald presents scholarship in her dad’s honour

Sharma MacDonald celebrates her birthday and even better presents scholarship in her dad’s honour at the 50th anniversary of Kingston College Old Boys Association! Check out details here!

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Sharma MacDonald attends Canadian Premiere of “299 Queen Street West”

Sharma MacDonald attends the Canadian Premiere of the highly-anticipated documentary "299 Queen Street West”. The star-studded event celebrated the rise of Canada's iconic MuchMusic network! See deets here

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Sharma MacDonald celebrates Canada Day and Meets Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Sharma MacDonald celebrates Canada Day and has the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Stay tuned for more details but for now check out the link below!



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New Project Alert!

Sharma MacDonald is currently writing a couple of new projects. Make sure to stay tuned and look out for casting info! 

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Women's History Month - The Oscars Edition

In honour of Women's History Month, Sharma MacDonald shares her favourite moments from the female winners at this year's Oscars.  Check it out here!

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Black History Matters

Happy Black History Month.  In case you missed it, Sharma MacDonald discussed what it is like being Black in Canada as part of a Black History Month Special that included notable Black Canadians.  Check out the discussion on Sharma's YouTube Page! 

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It's About That Time!

Sharma MacDonald relaxes, unwinds BUT makes sure to attend Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) for her birthday month of November! #SagSeason.  Check out a few photos/clips here!

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Canada International Black Women Excellence (CIBWE) has selected Sharma MacDonald as one of the Top 100 Black Women to Watch for 2022! Check out details of the Awards Gala here.  It was a night of honouring women who are blazing a trail for others, especially women, in their respective industries.  Notable guests were in attendance and it was definitely a night to remember!

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Sharma MacDonald Speaks at SHIFT CONFERENCE

Sharma MacDonald was a special Guest Speaker recently at Ghana's Youth Impact Ministry SHIFT Confernce.  Sharma was asked to share her journey as an Actress, Filmmaker and Media Personality and there was also a Q & A part of the session.  For session details click here!  

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In case you missed it, a chance to revisit one of Sharma MacDonald's career highlights...uplifting, encouraging, and motivating women in any way that she can! Click here for details. 

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#1 Theatre site Broadway World features Sharma MacDonald

Top New York City based theatre website features Sharma MacDonald...on Broadway!!!  Click here for deets! 

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Being Black in Canada

Sharma MacDonald shares her journey of being Black in Canada, alongside prominent Black Canadians.  Click here for more details.  Sharma's story was also shared on Angolan and Portuguese tv/radio platforms. 

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Sharma MacDonald walks away with Award for Best Short Drama for "2020"

"2020" wins Award for Best Short Drama - Based on Social Issues at the 2021 Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF).  Nollywood is the second-largest film industry in the world! Right behind Bollywood and ahead of Hollywood!  Sharma MacDonald is Writer and Lead actress in the film.  Stay tuned for more on this prestigious event!

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Sharma MacDonald's Exclusive Interview with CBS

Sharma MacDonald has an Exclusive Interview with CBS Network affiliate WBOC based in Maryland, U.S.  CBS is one of the top broadcasting networks in the United States.  Check out Sharma MacDonald's interview article here.

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TOKYO 2020

"TOKYO 2020" takes on a whole new meaning for Sharma MacDonald.  Click here to find out why!!  

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Mental Health Advocate Sharma MacDonald’s Latest Film "2020" Receives Noteworthy Nomination

Yorkton Film Festival, the longest running film festival in North America, recognizes short film "2020" as a contender for the festival's prestigious Golden Sheaf Award in the Category of Mental Health.  Read all about it here!

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Sharma MacDonald featured in Magazine and on Spotify for Women's History Month

Sharma MacDonald is featured in Pretty Women Hustle Magazine and on Spotify Radio for Women's History Month!  Click here for article link. 

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Sharma MacDonald makes an impact for Black History Month

As Black History Month comes to a close, Sharma MacDonald reflects on the success of her latest short film titled "2020".  Click here for more details!

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Sharma MacDonald Graces the Cover of Central New York Woman Magazine

Exciting news for 2020!  Sharma MacDonald is on her first magazine cover!!  For Central New York's Premiere Online Women's Magazine!!  Click HERE for details!

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Sharma MacDonald connects with some Fans!!

Sharma MacDonald had the chance to talk with some fans of the show Let's Talk.  It was amazing to learn how many people tune into the show each week! Check out her blog here for more on that experience!

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Another Year...Another TIFF!

Off the heels of being on the media team at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, this year Sharma made sure to enjoy as a Spectator.  Connect to Sharma's blog here to catch her taking in some of the action!

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Sharma MacDonald front and centre amid Raptors Historic Championship Win!!

Sharma MacDonald put her Journalist 'hat' on and was out interviewing Raptors fans all over the city until the wee hours of the morning!  She was at all the events at various locations. All to capture the Raps race to the Championship win!  Click here to check out her blog for a snippet of the experience!


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Sharma MacDonald takes a directing role on feature film entitled Mary.  Mary is a Dark Comedy with a sudden twist.  The Teaser was recently shot so look out!  To keep up with the process involved in the shooting of this feature film..stay tuned to Sharma's blog!  

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Sharma MacDonald Hosts first Leadership Conference

In Sharma's previous article post, she mentioned her commitment to making 2019 a year of female empowerment.  What better way to do so than by hosting her first Women Leadership Conference!  Sharma was invited by the Women of Impact Organization to host its first annual Women Leadership Conference.  The conference included a Panel of women from various walks of life.  The event was met with positive feedback!  Check out Sharma's blog for more event info and photos!

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On the heels of receiving a special invitation from The Black Canadians Network to attend the Global Women Leadership Forum at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario; Sharma plans on making 2019 an even better year with respect to women in the Industry.  Be it through film or speaking with women, Sharma will make her voice heard!  Peruse Sharma's blog to keep abreast of upcoming events.  

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Sharma MacDonald is currently working on production of a Dark Comedy Feature Film.  No word yet on release date but stay tuned.  

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All media access for the Toronto International Film Festival

Sharma MacDonald was among media elite this year at the Toronto International Film Festival.  She had the opportunity to work for amazing television shows that air on City TV and Global TV networks.  As a result, she had behind-the-scenes access and TIFF dreams were coming step at a time.  Keep an eye on her TIFF blogging for more info!

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Sharma MacDonald..The Transmedia Journalist

Sharma MacDonald is sharpening her journalistic skills through the Seneca College Multi-Platform Journalism Program.  Through this program, Sharma is becoming a master at writing, shooting, and editing her own stories.  Check out Sharma's blog to learn about her experience thus far.  Also be sure to check out her new Journalism Website!

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I'm pleased to announce that the Backpack Quest that I am honoured to be involved with was a success!  The Backpack Quest provides under-served children in Jamaica with much-needed school supplies.  Just in time for the upcoming school year!  The Backpack Quest is done in conjunction with students at York University, Toronto.  Check out a photo in the Events Images!

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Sharma MacDonald has signed on with YES TV as part of the show Let's Talk With Woodroe Thompson which airs Every Sunday Night at 11pm! YES TV is Canada's most watched family values entertainment station!  See here for a sneak peak of this exciting new venture!

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Partnering with a great Cause

Sharma MacDonald partners with young adults for a great cause in helping children advance in Education.  Click here for more info! 

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Sharma MacDonald Wins Canadian Black Business Award

Black Canadians Diversity Advancement Network honours Sharma MacDonald with a Black Business Award with respect to the Industry of Film & Television in addition to her active role in the community.  Click here to see highlights from the event!

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Behind the scenes of the Toronto 48 Hour Film Challenge Project!

Sharma MacDonald on team running the globally-recognized Toronto 48 Hour Film Challenge Project.  See Full article here!

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Sharma MacDonald attends The 42nd annual Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival was in full effect as Sharma checks out a couple of TIFF premieres!!  Click here for deets!

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Making Way for the Toronto International Film Festival 2017!

Sharma MacDonald attends advanced screening of director David Lowery's A Ghost Story. Contrary to what one may believe based on the film's title, A Ghost Story is not a horror film, rather it is a film centered around our legacy as human beings and the need to explore love and connection as well as discovering the cosmic self.  Click here to read the director's take on the film.  Looking forward to the many premieres that TIFF has to offer along with the TIFF 2017 Festivities!  Photo on Events Images page. 

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Sharma MacDonald's Stage Performance on IMDB!

Be sure to click on the IMDB Icon top-right to check out a clip of Sharma's stage perfomance of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, written by Academy Award nominated Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron, now found on IMDB! The play includes monologues presenting a correlation between women's relationships and wardrobes with a woman's wardrobe as a time capsule of her life. To go directly to Sharma's performance click here!  

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Sharma MacDonald...the Director

Sharma MacDonald takes on role of Director in upcoming project.  Stay Tuned...

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5th Annual Toronto Black Film Festival

Sharma MacDonald attends the 5th Annual Toronto Black Film Festival.  Many notable black figures in film and television were in attendance, including Grey's Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington on opening night.   Click here to check out the Blog for more deets and photo!

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Member of The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists

Sharma MacDonald earns her way to Full membership of The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, establishing her presence as a professional performer in the Canadian Film and Television industry.  Click here to check out the Blog for more information!

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Sharma MacDonald recognized by Markham Youth Arts Group

Sharma MacDonald gets recognized as a "SuperHero Sponsor" for partnering with a non-profit organization in Markham that assists and supports youth with the necessary tools to further their artistic endeavours. 

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New commercial airing in the Fall!

Sharma MacDonald is in a new commercial set to air in the Fall.  Brand remains top secret until release.  Stay tuned! 

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Fashion Editorial Shoot

Sharma MacDonald particpated in Fashion Editorial Shoot and fundraising fashion show designed to empower women to look their best and feel even better. The fashion show was televised by Rogers Television. Click here to check out the Blog for more info and photos!

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